Falcon hypersonic HTV-2 flight anomaly

Falcon hypersonic HTV-2 - image credit: DARPA

America’s latest super weapon. Able to strike any target in the world in less than an hour the recent flight of the Falcon hypersonic HTV-2 proved to be a bit tricky. Launched on top of a Minotaur IV rocket the vehicle flies at an amazing Mach 20 (13,000 mph). Recent news articles are calling the flight a failure however the flight obtained its flight that ended in a planned crash into the Pacific. The problem was a loss of communication and telemetry as the craft roared across the pacific at 13000 mph. This setback I imagine will be a small one.

“HTV-2 flew its maiden flight on 22 Apr 2010, collecting nine minutes of unique flight data, including 139 seconds of Mach 22 to Mach 17 aerodynamic data” -DARPA

More than 9 minutes of data was collected on the Aug. 11th  flight before the signal was lost.

Great interactive Flight Overview



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