Wallops dual launch

Black Brant V on launchpad

This morning a dual sounding rocket launch took place at Wallops island. The launch was of a Black Brant V and a Terrier Improved Orion launched 15 seconds apart. The two sounding rockets will be flying to approximately 98 miles.

According to NASA-
“The project is studying neutral and charged particles in the ionosphere and how each affects the way the other moves resulting in currents in the region. The variations matter because all of our communications and GPS satellites send signals through the ionosphere. A disturbed ionosphere translates to disturbed signals, so scientists want to know just what causes the ionosphere to behave in specific ways. ”

Here is more on the science goals

To find out more about sounding rockets visit my Sounding Rocket Page

PDF on Terrier-Improved Orion
Info on Black Brant V

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