Twilight of the Shuttle (Part 2)

A Shuttle Modelers Reference

My Atlantis Paper Model

Paper Printable Models:

AXM Paper Space Scale Models has models for all the Shuttle Missions. These are great models and fun to put together. It’s totally amazing that you can go here a pick any mission and print and build the model from that mission.
These are high quality models and I have gotten many “oohs” and “aaahs” over the models I have built from this collection.

AXM Shuttle Models Link
My build article for the Atlantis

Delta 7 Studios:
Columbia Memorial Shuttle

These and other Shuttle Paper Models Links can be found on my Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide

Model Rocket Kits:

Estes #1284 Space Shuttle (no longer available)

Estes Space Shuttle #1284

Estes #1385 Space Shuttle Columbia (no longer available)

Estes Space Shuttle Columbia #1385

Dr. Zooch’s Space Shuttle
 Link   (click on Space Shuttle in Menu)

Classic Kits from early Shuttle design derivatives:

Quest Space Shuttle Intrepid
Kit Link

Semroc Space Shuttle – The Centuri Space Shuttle was introduced in
Catalog #711 in 1971 as a late addition.
Kit Link

SST Shuttle-1 – The SST Shuttle-I was introduced in the 1971 Centuri catalog. At the time, NASA was busy with several concepts that could place several tons in earth orbit and return to land at a conventional airstrip and reuse the craft in a short time. This model was based on one of those proposals.
Kit Link

Classic Plans:

Estes Orbital Transport -K-42
Early space shuttle concept similar to SST shuttle
OOP – Click here for Plans

Estes Space Shuttle Design Contest
Click here for plans


Nice little animated gif from George Gassaway

George Gassaway has many wonderful site pages and reference materials for the Space Shuttle Model Rocketeer.
George Gassaway’s Shuttle Models

George’s Shuttle Model CD

Scale Shuttle Drawings at George Gassaway’s site

1977 Scale Drawings

NASA Shuttle Reference Guide  (statistics – basics -reports)

Part 1 here

Join me tomorrow for part 3

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5 Responses to Twilight of the Shuttle (Part 2)

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  2. Dick Stafford says:

    Great post, Wayne. Looking forward to the next one.

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