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Estes word search

Model rocket enthusiast will enjoy this Estes word search. Advertisements

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Minotaur launch from Wallops Tuesday

UPDATE : Launch and satellite deployment successful. Launch was seen clearly from NYC, DC and other mid Atlantic locations. I’m looking forward to possibly seeing the Minotaur launch from Wallops Tuesday 28th. The launch should be visible across a large section of the mid-Atlantic. … Continue reading

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A lifting body saga continues

“The story began on June 3, 1982, when a camera in an Australian P-3 patrol plane captured images of a Soviet ship recovering a space craft from the Indian Ocean….” The craft that was seen was a Soviet BOR-4 vehicle.The … Continue reading

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The unfortunate first free flight of Armadillo’s SuperMod

The video speaks for itself. Reason for anomaly given by Armadillo: “Instability caused by unexpected gas in the fuel inlet led to the engine shearing its supports and creating a significant yaw force on the rocket, leading to the fin … Continue reading

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New version of OpenRocket released

A new version of the great freeware rocket stability and design software OpenRocket is now available. The new version is 1.1.5. “This release removes support for native printing from OpenRocket, instead printing is performed through the platform’s PDF viewer.  This should … Continue reading

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Pictures and video of Endeavour docked at ISS

Finally we get to see the pictures from the Soyuz as it left the ISS and positioned itself for pictures of Endeavour docked. Click on images to enlarge. The complete gallery can be seen here at the ESA site Video … Continue reading

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Armadillo Mod rocket full power test firing

A wicked burn by the Armadillo Aerospace Mod “Dalek” rocket. “This represents around 180,000 lbs of total impulse, near the upper end of what the FAA defines as a Class 3 Amateur Rocket. In the letter scale used in small … Continue reading

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