Notes from Falcon Heavy press conference

Falcon Heavy image:SpaceX

As expected Elon Musk announced more information on the SpaceX Falcon Heavy. First launch expected at the end of next year.

here are some bullet points:

  • increased thrust – 100,000 -120,000 lbs into orbit
  • ready to launch end of next year at Vanderberg shortly thereafter at the Cape
  • Falcon Heavy cost about 1/3 cost of a Delta Heavy with twice the payload capability
  • thrust equal to fifteen 747’s
  • SpaceX hopes to ramp up to 20 launches a year -half Falcon 9 and half Falcon Heavy
  • Falcon Heavy is designed to meet NASA human ready standards
  • design to be first rocket capable of cross feed propellant between cores
  • Falcon Heavy will be the most powerful rocket since the Saturn V

more info at SpaceX

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