New Solid Super Propellant

Rocketeers the world over are amused and amazed over a new super propellant that was discovered from a mix of common items. The amusing yet powerful formula consist of cow dung, Pixie sticks and OXYClean. The sugary power of Pixie Sticks have been known by children the world over for years. All items readily available and easily mixed into a powerful propellant that is almost twice as efficient as common commercial propellents. Several formulas for different smoke effects have already been released an aptly named Stinky black, Stinky white and the very popular Sparky Stink. The mixture is easily formulated without heat and will start to be seen at many upcoming Tripoli research launches.

I asked a research rocketeer about his experiences with the new formula. He said ” I am amazed at the overall thrust and smell of this new propellant. I easily found my rocket later without using anything but my nose.”
Several of the new formulas can be found here.

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  1. Murphy says:

    ok …you had me going for a minute..LOL

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