X-37B: Second Launch

As I write this the Atlas 5 rocket is rolling out to Launch Complex 41 for tomorrow’s launch attempt of the X-37B. This will be the second launch for the secret spy platform. As usual the details and information about the mission is classified. Whereas the first mission was probably more a test of the X-37B I suspect this flight will have  more complex test payload. This is only speculation and the flight is still designated as Test Vehicle-2 after all this is an X-plane.  This test vehicle is expected to remain in orbit around 270 days, the first vehicle stayed in orbit 224 days.

You can visit Spaceflight Now’s Mission Status center for updates

Updates: March 4th targeted launch time is 3:50 p.m. EST 5:27 pm ET

March 5th launch time for the Atlas 5 rocket is 4:09 p.m. EST

Launch was a success! More here

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