Who the heck is Boris Chertok

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The Russian Space Program was successful in many areas and it’s success is partly due to Boris Chertok. Boris Chertok was Korelev’s guidance and control engineer from 1946 – 1992. His most famous contributions include the Soyuz and N1 control systems.

Chertok was born in 1912 he became an electrician at the age of 17. He started work in an Avionics plant in 1930 and began a University education to support his role. He began his rocket career working on the BI-1 rocket plane.

In 1945 he was brought in to the group working on German rocket technology. This led to his appointment as Korolev’s chief deputy of rocket control and guidance.

He is the author of the book Rockets and People which provided us with the best inside view of the Soviet rocket program.

Boris Chertok turns 99 today - 03-01-11

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