Virgin Galactic to send Researchers to Space

“Virgin Galactic’s signed contract with the Southwest Research Institute is the first such agreement to fly scientists into space (over 100 kilometers or 328,000 feet above the Earth), enabling valuable microgravity, biology, climate and astronomy research.As part of the contract announced today, SwRI has made full deposits for two researchers to fly on Virgin Galactic’s spacecraft, with the intent to make similar arrangements for an additional six seats for a total value of $1.6m. As well as flying its own researchers, who will carry scientific experiments developed by its in-house technical staff, SwRI also aims to assist American researchers who do not have direct spaceflight experience to develop and fly their payloads and personnel on suborbital missions.” – Virgin Galactic

Full Press Release here

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One Response to Virgin Galactic to send Researchers to Space

  1. Air Force Shining Light says:

    I wouldn’t sign up my American life to a british coward establishment like virgin and this terrorist knight if you paid me all the servants in england as slave labor. Get virgin out of American skies and then we’ll consider those flight paths for our American birds.

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