Thanks to my readers

Screenshot Last night 9pm

In the next month I will be celebrating my 5th year blogging this site. I created this site mostly as an educational site so that I could possibly inspire future engineers and physicist and also to catalog the Rocketry hobbyist experience. Yesterday blew away all my expectations for this site. The day ended just shy of a quarter of a million views for the day! Of course it was not a normal day and I have Google to thanks for the spike but it was nice to expose hobby, space news, and even paper modeling to such a diverse crowd.  I have big plans for the next year and hope to redesign some of the more popular sections of the site.

Thanks again everyone.

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4 Responses to Thanks to my readers

  1. Dick Stafford says:

    Congrats on reaching 5 years! And, a quarter of a million views a day is very impressive.

  2. R2K says:

    What was the reason for so many hits? I know you score high on the Rocketry search normally.

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