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SpaceX opens Virginia office

Looks like SpaceX is opening an office closer to home! “WASHINGTON – Today SpaceX announced it is opening a new office in Chantilly, VA to serve customers looking for reliable, affordable launch solutions. The community is home to some of … Continue reading

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2011 Estes Catalog now available

The 2011 Estes catalog is now available from the Estes web site. The Mosquito is back! Along with a 24mm Mega-Mosquito. I see several rockets that I really want and happy to see the A10-0T motor return to the regular … Continue reading

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Armadillo Aerospace’s new rocket

Called the Tube Rocket , this new rocket takes a familiar form used in rocketry and would be familiar to most HPR fliers. The 36 inch spherical LOX tanks used by Armadillo Aerospace in previous vehicles have been replaced with … Continue reading

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Japanese Cargo ship on way to IIS

Nice launch of the Japanese H-IIB (H-2-B) rocket. Watch the pitch maneuver the rocket takes toward ocean. Nice booster separation and staging video also. Spacecraft is in orbit and will have a 5 day journey to rendezvous with the IIS.

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West Coast to launch it’s largest rocket

Delta IV Heavy NROL-49 UPDATE: Launch on schedule at 1:10 – Success! After staging the rocket went into a news blackout due to the secret nature of the payload. The largest rocket to launch from the west coast is scheduled … Continue reading

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Evidence of Life on Earth

If you were a space faring civilization traveling to earth you may be able to detect signs of life from our atmosphere. Paolo Nespoli was able to from the International Space Station with these lovely photos.

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SpaceX Dragon – Launch Abort System preview

Nice video recap of the Dragon launch back on Dec. 8th. The video includes a piece at the end about the launch abort system. The rocket thrust landing feature is nice but probably won’t be a part of the first … Continue reading

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