Rocketry Blog 2010: A year in review

As 2010 comes to a close and I begin a 5th year of blogging on Rocketry I thought I would take a look at some of the top stories I blogged on in 2010.

10. Chris Michielssen’s Paper Rocket Downscales

All year Chris has dazzled us with his wonderful micro downscales.  Click here to download his rockets

9. Robert McCall Dies

Posted March 1 2010

Dream - oil painting by Robert McCall (click to enlarge)

One of the greatest Space artist of all time. Click Here for story

8. 3200 rockets launched

posted Oct. 18 2010

Record setting Event. more here

7. Guenter Wendt Dies

posted on May 3rd 2010

Guenter Wendt 1924-2010

One of the key players and colorful characters of the Apollo launch missions…more here

6. Saturn V kit from Estes

posted July 16th 2010

1st Saturn V off of assembly line

1st Saturn V off of assembly line

Saturn V’s roll off the assembly line at Estes ….more here

5. 32 D-12s Christmas tree launch

posted on Jan 6 , 2010

Who could forget this incredible launch from last year….

4. Falcon 9 launches

posted June 4th 2010

The first launch of the Falcon 9 was much anticipated…….more here

3. X-37b lands

posted Dec. 3rd 2010

X-37B has landed

After many changes in orbit the secretive X-37b lands – more here

2. X-37b launch

posted April 19th 2010

The secretive X-37b is launched …more here

Atlas V with the X-37b launching

1. Dragon Spacecraft launch and splashdown

Posted Dec 8 2010
SpaceX did it again with an almost perfect flight of the Falcon 9 launching the Dragon spacecraft into orbit and then returning her for a safe splashdown…more here

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