First Paper Plane in Space

Vulture 1 in space

A paper glider was carried into near space by a helium balloon and then was released at 90,000ft. The 3 foot wide plane called Vulture1 was retrieved about 20 miles from the launch site in good condition. The flight took place in Spain west of Madrid.

The Team included:
Steve Daniels, John Oates, and Lester Haines  all from the UK.

Landing after 90,000 ft drop

Here is the Video of the Vulture 1 release from the baloon:

More videos here

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4 Responses to First Paper Plane in Space

  1. R2K says:

    I remember reading about this project from years ago, but I am still impressed by their results. Considering how young GPS and the webcam technology was back then…

  2. jackie cox says:

    90,000 ft or 30,000 yards is not outside the magnetosphere of earth, therefore not in outer space. This sounds like something elon musk would say, or barry would believe

    • rocketry says:

      who said “outer space”? Of course this was near space and not even the Karman line. This is a simple small amateur team effort on a shoestring. The title ( as on many recent balloon endeavors) assumes you know the karman line and definition of space and is simply a play on the excellent view at 90,000ft.

  3. R2K says:

    Lol Magnetosphere… If you are going to be bossy and talk up comment boxes, at least get your facts right. Rocketry correctly mentioned the Von Karman line, about 100 KM.

    The Magnetosphere extends at least 70,000 KM on the thin side! It is much longer on the sun trailing side, and thus way into deep, cis-lunar space. Read a book.

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