Ariane 5 successfully launched

Ariane 5 ECA

Ariane 5 ECA

The 4th launch of the Ariane 5 for 2010 took place at 6:51pm on Oct. 28th. The launch occurred at the French Guiana flight facilities. The payloads were the W3B satellite for Eutelsat and the BSAT-3b satellite for Japan’s B-SAT Corporation.

This is the 53rd Ariane 5 launch making this rocket a true workhorse.

Watch a Video replay of the launch

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3 Responses to Ariane 5 successfully launched

  1. jackie cox says:

    fantastic, its nice to see some countries, not managing their science programs with cheap lawyers, like us.

    The end of shuttle 2, and constellation not obly ended 8,500 scientific positions, all domestic, but at least 3 times that many in the private sector, and the loss of technologies developed along the way that find themselves into the private sector. ” VOYE ” and hope the FBI can moniter the mass amount of voter fraud ACORN’s stealthy new groups will bring into action, with the 4 billion lord barry and king clintons corrupt federal judge gave ACORN for their 2008 voterfraud buffalo soldier election.

    Fat chance with holder and other xzars responsible for enforcing the law on their cheating, lieing, stealing style of political science ” ” “professional swindling”

    Stimulus, ha ha ha, simple fraud and open field stealing, when the sinple act of competing in the global economy could be to recognize and accept the ” Democrats ” removal of import taxation, discouraged slavery, and equalized superior american goods made us a wealthy middle class nation. This elitest lobbyst inspired act, removed our manufacturing infrastructure, brought cheap slave made goods to the special-citizens super junk stores, which ended our family business community business jobs, and now, we the great USA where all Obama jobs made up to the tune of 400,000 $ each, 75 % are near minimium wage, and temporary.

    Lawyers and judges (lawyers on the prowl for cash and power, have enabled themselves into the realm of nobility, sneaking around, hiding behind title, deed, predatory law, and the end of this great country as we descend into mostly either socialist jobs or servatude, And the evergrowing hoard of homeless, Qithout an address, unable to vote, unlike the fannie mae and bernie mac innercity hometheft group can vote as many times as the want, continuing the maformed hate of “White America “

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