X-37b goes missing again


X-37B (Associated Press)


X-37b has gone missing from it’s newest tracked orbit. So what’s going on? The last analysis of the orbital change back in August, see more here, was possibly maneuvering associated with it’s specific payload. One of the great things about the capabilities of the X-37b system is the ability to maneuver and change orbital profiles. The big question on everyone’s mind is the X-37b maneuvering for a landing or has it already landed. One of the last reports tracking the reusable craft in orbit put it near Vandenberg AFB. We will have to wait for public release reports to know for sure. It’s also possible that an amateur tracker will spot the vehicle in a new orbit in upcoming days or we will hear it has landed. A second X-37b is already under construction.

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2 Responses to X-37b goes missing again

  1. Have there been any reports of sonic booms near Edwards or Vandenburg?

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