Remarks by Obama : The “Change the Equation” Initiative

“Now, as any one of the scientists, CEOs and teachers here will tell you, this kind of innovation isn’t born in the boardroom or on the factory floor.  It doesn’t begin in a basement workshop or a research laboratory.  That’s where the payoff happens.  But it starts long before.  It starts in a classroom.  It starts when a child learns that every star in the night sky is another sun; when a young girl swells with accomplishment after solving a tough math problem; when a boy builds a model rocket and watches it soar; when an eager student peers through a microscope and discovers a whole new world.  It’s in these moments that a young person may discover a talent or a passion that might lead to a career.  It’s in these moments every day that our nation — our promise as a nation is realized.  And it is in these moments that we see why a quality science and math education matters, why it is absolutely critical to us.”

read in it’s entirety

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One Response to Remarks by Obama : The “Change the Equation” Initiative

  1. R2K says:

    I will be meeting Obama next month during a national science presentation. It is very tempting to drop a hint or two about the value of a manned Mars mission, but I probably can’t do anything more than shake hands.

    It is great that he recognizes the value of science, but now is the time to act on that. Increase funding, and I can assure you the investment will show returns.

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