Copenhagen Suborbitals: Hair dryer fail

When you have a low budget you come up with creative ways to solve specific problems. Unfortunately this creative solution did not work and has postponed the launch until 2011.

You need to keep LOX from freezing. This particular solution used a hair dryer. Unfortunately the hair dryer wasn’t getting enough power and the LOX valve froze up preventing ignition.

Hair Dryer to LOX valve

Hair Dryer to LOX valve (click to enlarge)

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7 Responses to Copenhagen Suborbitals: Hair dryer fail

  1. R2K says:

    I was a bit worried about how dangerous this would be for a passenger, now I am terrified. Duct tape and hair dryer? Really?

  2. Dick Stafford says:

    Yeah, no shit. Did I see the rocket cost $50K? Seems like you wouldn’t scrimp in the details. The motor burn doesn’t seem very stable either. Luckily, the first passenger is inanimate.

  3. R2K says:

    Just get some kind of heating pad or coil.

  4. Artemi says:

    I really like these chaps.

    The only thing they need is a good industry grade heat gun 🙂

  5. Jev says:

    They blow dryer didnt fail. When we evacuated the launchplatform, we shut down the diesel on the sub. Hence the blower didnt get any electricity.

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