Copenhagen Suborbitals: Tycho Brahe-1

UPDATE: Mission called off Sept 5 – frozen LOX valve (read more here)
Live Coverage here

Denmark is trying to be the 4th country to send a man into space.
Imagine standing on top of a rocket your body enclosed in the payload bay and your head within the clear viewing dome that is the nosecone. You have just imagined yourself in the Tycho Brahe-1 spacecraft (also known as MSC).
“It is a pressurized volume providing support for one upright standing/half-sitting person, with a full view through a polymer plexiglas-dome to experience the entire ballistic ride” -Copenhagen Suborbitals

Tycho Brahe-1 spacecraft

Tycho Brahe-1 spacecraft - image: Copenhagen Suborbitals

Details and great pictures of the Tycho Brahe-1 spacecraft can be seen here.

The team of Peter Madsen and Kristian von Bengtson are hoping to launch the rocket next week from a platform on the Baltic about 20 miles south of Nexo. In the initial launch CS plans to send a 70kg (155 pounds) test dummy at least 100-140 kilometers (62 – 87 miles) up (correction: contrary to original reports first flight will be to only 30km).
The endeavour has been entirely private seeking money from individuals and businesses. The expected cost of a full launch is 50,000 Euros(63,545 dollars).

Test firing of HEAT booster

Check out the giant Graphite nozzle!

Check out the giant Graphite nozzle! photo:Copenhagen Suborbital

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