Black Brant X launch this morning at Wallops

Black Brandt X launch

Black Brant X launch (click to enlarge) - photo:NASA

Here is a wonderful replay of the launch this morning of a 3 stage Black Brant at Wallops. The mission was to test the new third stage Nihka motor. This video is a bit long but provides on board views of the earth at 8:11 and 13:00 minutes.You can see dawn approaching the launch area. The new on board video seems to consist of 4 aft viewing cameras stitched together in the video.

official release: “12.073 GT Black Brant X was launched from Wallops Island, VA on August 4, 2010. This flight was a demonstration of the new production Nihka motor and ignition system in a dynamic environment representative of a nominal altitude. Secondary objectives included flight demonstration of a White Sands Missile Range Black Brant IX ignition system, a rocket propelled ampule system, and an Aft Looking Video System. The principal investigator is Brian Hall/NASA Wallops Flight Facility.”

VIDEO:Black Brant X launch 5:15 am 8-4-10

Build your own Black Brant? You can find Joy Cohn’s Black Brant mini paper builds here

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