Stubby Rocket Flies

This weekend I launched my hacked version of the Stubby rocket. This static cardstock rocket is as the name implies “stubby” with fins pretty far forward. The challenge was giving this rocket enough stability that it would fly. I began by converting the model to have a BT-5 tube than ran the length of the rocket with centering rings and structure to support. The nose was converted to pop off from the ejection charge revealing a small chute/streamer for a simple active recovery. The nose weight required for stability was fairly substantial for this size paper rocket and moved the CG forward enough to make it marginally stable. The build require quite a bit of alteration to the rear motor assembly to encompass a 13mm Estes motor.

Hacked Stubby with 13mm Estes Motor

Hacked Stubby with 13mm Estes Motor

The first flight of Stubby was successful. I flew the Stubby on a 1/2 A-4T which was a little underpowered and caused the rocket to do a slow arc across the sky. Next launch I will use a A-10 which is probably better suited for this build.

Download Stubby! – From Nava Designs

Stubby flies!

Stubby flies!

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4 Responses to Stubby Rocket Flies

  1. Greg Manchess says:

    THAT’s SO COOL! I’m the artist that designed the logo with guidance from Art Director, Irene Gallo.

    We had a good time glueing the paper rocket together, but it was a pain in the neck trying to get things to fit correctly. Oy.

    I admire your moxy at putting this baby together! Way to go! Good luck with STS-02!!

    Keep us posted!

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  3. Robert says:

    Truly awesome! Too bad there isn’t any video. I would have loved to see that.

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