Saturn V’s roll off the assembly line at Estes

1st Saturn V off of assembly line

1st Saturn V off of assembly line

“We began making the new Saturn V (Item 2157) today in Penrose, Colorado! Here’s the first kit off the assembly line. Saturn V rockets should be available at hobby retailers nationwide in late August or early September. Estes is donating this first labeled Saturn V rocket to the NAR to be raffled off at NARAM-52. Proceeds will go to the Robert L. Cannon Education Award program.” -Estes

Estes is beginning to look a little like the Estes we fondly remember . In January 2010, the Estes-Cox Corporation was purchased by Hobbico, a 100% Employee-Owned Corporation based in Champaign, Illinois. This has been good for Estes and the hobby. The production of an all-time favorite the Saturn V is part of this re-invention. It’s great to see other rocket favorites reappear after many years such as the Alien Invader and the Flutter-By.

Estes stopped production on the Saturn V in 1994 but had a 30th anniversary edition come out in 1998.

Semroc was also planning a Saturn V release but said at the end of June:
“We have been working slowly on the Saturn V. As we find out more about the upcoming Estes release, we will either continue or drop plans, based on whether there is room for a small company to compete for that market. We are still targeting an initial price of $50.00, at least for the first 200 models.”

The Estes Saturn V is expected to sale for $99.

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