You can now virtually launch rockets with VMR

VMR Screenshots

VMR Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Virtual Model Rocket
Don’t have time to head out to a field and launch some rockets?  Prowler Studios has launched a new Model Rocket Simulator Game. Now if they can just port it to the Wii.

Virtual Model Rocket Product Page

“Virtual Model Rocketry PC Game Has Been Released

Prowler Studios has released its first PC game title: Virtual Model Rocketry.

Cancun, Mexico (April 12, 2010).- Independent video game development studio Prowler Studios announced today the release of Virtual Model Rocketry. The game is a model rocketry simulator that allows players to launch rockets in a 3D environment, complete with varying wind conditions, rocket sizes, engine types and difficulty levels.

The use of an accurate physics simulation provides realistic trajectories and the forces that affect how the rockets fly and land. The players are able to change the appearance of the rocket by selecting different components like nose cone, fins and colors which provide over 10,000 different combinations.

“Many (hobbyists) can’t launch their rockets on real life because of adverse weather conditions or not living near a field that has the right conditions to launch safely, but now they can launch as many rockets as they want, regardless of the weather or the time of day” said Mike Rodriguez from Prowler Studios.

Rodriguez added that Virtual Model Rocketry is also a safe learning tool for beginners and kids to get started without the hazards and expenses generally attributed to the hobby.

Prowler Studios will sell the game through their website utilizing Avangate, a world leader in e-commerce solutions, for payment process and product delivery to guarantee secure transactions.

Additionally, Prowler Studios will be having a “Launch Sale” offering 15% off of all Virtual Model Rocketry purchases until July 18th, 2010.”

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