This Weeks Rocketry News Bits

Kari Byron of Mythbusters

Kari Byron of Mythbusters

On July 5th Discovery Channel will be airing it’s coverage of LDRS 2010. Hosted by Mythbusters beauty Kari Byron.
July 5th – 9PM ET -“This Independence Day, Science Channel invites viewers to celebrate the holiday with a front row seat to the premiere, high-power rocketry event in the country – Large Dangerous Rocket Ships (L.D.R.S.).”

NASA releases dates of last two shuttle missions.
November 1 2010 -STS-133 – Discovery
February 26 2011 – STS-134 – Endeavour

NPR did a great report on probably the biggest fireworks show ever. In 1962 the US exploded an hydrogen bomb in space. Launched on a Thor rocket the explosion was monitored by array of smaller rockets.
There is also a link to the radio report.
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