X-37b – It’s a spy platform

Looks like some really astute sky watchers have been able to track the orbit of the X-37b and by that orbit determine that it is a surveillance platform. The orbit of the X-37b takes it as far as 40 degrees North latitude to 40 degrees South latitude putting it’s “eyes” on a wide range of military targets – especially those in the Middle East. The military has been adamant that the X-37b was not a Space Weapon and maybe this proves their point.

Read the NY Times article here

New – Video taken of X-37b crossing sky (Space.com)

UPDATE: Second Launch info here

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4 Responses to X-37b – It’s a spy platform

  1. R2K says:

    I bet you could get a person and 48 hours of life support in there.

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  4. NOEL ADU says:

    l am very proud to see this jet may our GOD expand ur plans and bless u @ll

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