Neil deGrasse Tyson : Promoter of Science

There is currently no other scientist in America that promotes science better than Neil deGrasse Tyson. He is the best science spokesman of this generation. He has recently filled the incredibly large shoes of Carl Sagan in my eyes. I’m amazed at this prolific scientist, his poignant and intelligent speeches. Just take a look at his catalog at Youtube alone. Everyday I read his Tweets which are the highlight of my Twitter account. Here are two of his videos which relate specifically to this blog and its mission.

What NASA means to America’s future

Neil deGrasse Tyson opens a rocket model in his office
( I totally share in his enthusiasm )

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3 Responses to Neil deGrasse Tyson : Promoter of Science

  1. R2K says:

    A very important video.

  2. rocketry says:

    Thanks for pointing that one out. Yes I totally agree. Great talk.

  3. R2K says:

    I know most of you guys seldom if ever visit New York, but once a year there is a panel discussion at the Museum of Natural History called the Asimov annual debate:

    Dr. Tyson is the host, and it is always a great show. This year it was all about the future of manned space exploration, and the new NASA plan. Zubrin was there, and as you may know he is my hero in this area.

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