Atlantis paper build

In honor of Atlantis flying its final mission I decided to do a paper build, I’ve been wanting to build a shuttle for a while and this seem to be an appropriate time to begin.The model is from AXM Paper Space Scale Models. This is a very well thought out model. The construction is well documented and the overall design is a winner. The construction method and design make for a strong and sturdy build. Here she is:

My Atlantis Paper Model

view of engines

I’ve started construction of the External Tank and the SRB’s . I’ll post when I finish.

If you feel up to the challenge of creating your own paper models visit my Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide.

The Atlantis files and all other Shuttle Missions can be found at  AXM Paper Space Scale Models
You can find a model for most shuttle missions. The STS 132 mission is on the bottom of the 5th download page. Be sure to download both the General Parts file and the Manuals from this page.

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