Pad Abort-1 Scheduled for today

Pad Abort Configuration

UPDATE: Beautiful Flight! Flight was nominal. Everything went as planned. I’ll post video as soon as available. Keep checking back.

The Constellation program may be cancelled but Pad Abort-1 is on.

The Pad Abort 1 team has completed the checkout of the range systems and everything is locked down and ready for launch. The next milestone is removing the thermal cover from the launch abort vehicle which is scheduled for 2 a.m. EDT. Call to stations is at 6 a.m. NASA TV coverage begins at 8:30 a.m.

Live coverage on NASA TV

Constellation web site

“PA-1 is the first fully integrated flight test of the launch abort system being developed for the Orion crew exploration vehicle. The test is part of an ongoing mission to develop safer vehicles for human spaceflight applications.” -NASA

How Can Astronauts Escape from an Exploding Rocket? –

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