The Cape of the North

Scenic Launch at the Kodiak Launch Complex

You are at the Cape watching a launch. A bald head eagle flies by and humpback whales frolic in the waters off shore. This is not Cape Canaveral. This is the Kodiak Launch Complex in Alaska. The most northern launch complex in the US. The complex is 3717 acres and is complete with 2 launch pads,Vehicle assembly building,Payload processing facility, full range tracking and instrumentation, and one of the best downrange launch azimuths available. A full service spaceport.

Kodiak Downrange Azimuth

Official Alaska Aerospace Corporation Website

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One Response to The Cape of the North

  1. The KLC has not launched a rocket since 2008 and launch revenues have never covered the cost of operating the facility. It has been dependent on state and federal handouts since 1995; in fact, this year AAC asked the state for a 4 million dollar bailout to keep the facility open.

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