X-37B OTV1 Launching on April 19th?

UPDATE – Launch occurred at 7:52 pm EDT April 22ndsee video and more here
The X-37B OTV1 is in Florida and expected to be launched on Monday April 19th.
This secretive Air Force spacecraft ,that is similar to a small scale Space Shuttle, arrived in Florida the last week of February and has since being prepped for its inagural flight. Originally this was scheduled for January.
This is scheduled to be launched by an Atlas V EELV. The length of this first mission is not known however the spacecraft is capable of staying in orbit up to 270 days.
Information is hard to come by on this launch and program. The information is managed by the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office.
X37B OTV-1

X-37B OTV-1 (click to enlarge)

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2 Responses to X-37B OTV1 Launching on April 19th?

  1. R2K says:

    Could this thing ever be man-rated?

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