Friday Links and News

V.A.S.T. launch at Croft field

V.A.S.T. News :

V.A.S.T. (Virginia AeroSpace Team) continues their battle for use of their Launch Site. ( see previous post here )
Chuck Neff has created a page on the V.A.S.T. site with the history and current information about this ongoing battle.

“Unfortunately, there’s not much to update on VAST’s Appeal as far as the courts go.  The court finally issued the authorization order to the County this week to turn over all documents and materials related to our case.  Things have been moving terribly slow but I’ve been told repeatedly that it’s not something you want to rush.  So, we are still awaiting a hearing date to be set and as soon as I know it, I’ll pass it along.” -Chuck Neff

Here is the link to the page.

NAR certifies new Quest Motors:


24mm x 70mm
18.59  Newton-seconds Total Impulse
28.88  Newtons Peak Thrust
8.44 Newtons Average Thrust

Propellant mass: 22.0 grams


20mm x 96mm
17.61  Newton-seconds Total Impulse
16.80  Newtons Peak Thrust
3.82 Newtons Average Thrust

Propellant mass: 24.0 grams

See a list of all Certified Motors here

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