Armadillo Aerospace: New List of Milestones

The folks over at Armadillo Aerospace have been busy the past year. Check out this amazing post on their great accomplishments.

Here are a few:

  1. Received the first ever Waiver for Class III rocket flights on 5-29-09.
  2. Flew the first flight ever under a Class III waiver on 5-30-09.
  3. Hosted NASA dignitaries for the flight of the Methane Module.
  4. Conducted the first Boosted and Return Trajectory in front of NASA.
  5. Returned the Armadillo powered Rocket Racer to flight.
  6. Filed second Class III waiver application for LLC flights up to 200,000 pound seconds.
  7. Worked with AST on real time Maximum Range Calculations.
  8. Prepared Level 2 LLC vehicle with 3 different tank sets and tested under tether.
    1. Lincoln Composites
    2. SCI
    3. Microcosm/Scorpious (Go Scorpius!) Awesome tanks, even better service!
  9. Built Lunar Pad and new pad for Boost and Return flights.
  10. Flew Tethered flights over the Simulated Lunar Surface.
  11. First flight to the moon, in flight abort. “We lost the moon…”
  12. 2 successful flights to the moon with Practice MOD.
  13. Hosted Level 2 LLC and successfully satisfied the flight requirements in spite of weather!
  14. Watched Masten try for the Level 1 LLC… Nice flight!
  15. Watched Masten Make qualified flights for Level 1 LLC, I wonder if they will be ready…

    Read the remaining 16 over at their site along with links to the details of each milestone

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