“One Small Tweet for Man, One Giant Tweet for Mankind”

They are tweeting from the International Space Station. Technology moves forward. That is if you consider the tweet format as an advancement. I have found tweets to be extremely useful in tracking project accomplishments or even Rocket launches. Tweets act as a supplemental dialog of what is happening during a Rocket launch. In the linear progression of the dialog I see tweets like ” the countdown is on hold due to watercraft in the launch perimeter. Click here to read more about the safe launch perimeter”  They can be full of useful information that a commentator couldn’t provide . So I do see benefits in such a technology past all the tweet hype. However you will not see me tweeting what I just ate for dinner or what color shirt I have on.

…and the Astronauts have 3mbps up and 10Mbps down. Not bad!

Follow the adventures aboard the ISS  from Twitter

Read more about Tweeting from the International Space Station here

Title Quote from the NY Times – Nick Bilton

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