Steve Eves next project

Saturn 1B missions

Saturn 1B missions

Why stop after building a 1/10th scale Saturn V?  Steve Eves isn’t stopping. Plans for his next project have making their rounds. Looks like the next giant model will be the Saturn 1B. The big difference in this upcoming model is he intends to make it a 2 stager. I have not heard any details on the scale. Will he keep to the 1/10th scale as in Saturn V or will he up the scale and break some more records?

original Post in the Canton Rep

Actual Saturn 1B stats :

Height 68 m (224 ft)
Diameter 6.6 m (21.7 ft)
Mass 589,770 kg (1,300,220 lb)
Stages 2

…and for your building pleasure.

Here are some models available:

Saturn 1B from Semroc

Saturn 1B from Apogee

Dr Zooch Saturn 1B

The Tiny 1/282 scale Saturn 1B from Fliskits

You can build your own free paper model

Precision Paper Space Models

1/96th scale at Lower Hudson Valley (near bottom of page)

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One Response to Steve Eves next project

  1. Brett says:

    I talked to Steve Eves at MDRA’s Red Glare 7, were he had part of the Saturn IB project on display. It’s just slightly smaller than 1/10 scale, but close enough that he can use the same capsule assembly from the Saturn V.

    I think that article is a bit confused b/c it implies Steve is trying to break records he set with the Saturn V, but it seems this rocket will be lighter and shorter than the Saturn V – it will indeed go higher, but hitting 10k wouldn’t be any sort of “record.” Either way, it’ll be cool to watch!

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