Ares 1-X: What to expect

Remember this is only a test flight.

As quoted from NASA:
“The flight test profile will closely follow the approximate
flight conditions to be experienced by the Orion/Ares I
vehicle through Mach 4.7 – more than four times the
speed of sound. Approximately two minutes into flight,
at approximately 130,000 feet, the launch vehicle’s first
stage will separate from the upper stage. The maximum
altitude, or apogee, of the flight test will be about
150,000 feet.”

“The primary test objectives for the Ares I-X flight include
demonstrating the flight control system performance
during ascent and gathering information to help
engineers better understand how to control the Ares I
system’s roll torque during flight.”


image:NASA click to enlarge

Download the entire PDF from NASA with all of the mission objectives here

Flight poster here

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