10,000 Rockets


This is one is for the kids, K-12.

There is an exciting contest being offered by Microsoft. It’s called 10,000 Rockets.Participants are requested to draw the rocket of tomorrow.
“For this contest we are asking kids from grades K-12 to draw the rocket of tomorrow. Drawings must be submitted through http://www.artsonia.com from 10/8/09 – 11/25/09. The drawings will be judged by a panel of Microsoft employees in conjunction with scientists who will select three that inspire them and turn these student drawings into 3-D models to honor their invention. The selections will be made by grade level brackets, with one chosen in each bracket; K-5, 6-8, 9-12. The first 10,000 drawings will be showcased on a dedicated gallery website (www.10000rockets.com) in addition to the Artsonia.com classroom gallery. These drawings will also be placed into a commemorative Mission: 10,000 rockets book and sold on 10000rockets.com for $39.95.

Of the first 10,000 drawings submitted, every school that submits at least 20 qualified drawings will be entered into a drawing to win a $5,000 donation from Bing and 1/8 of the Mission: 10,000 rockets book proceeds to be used towards future school projects.

Printed educational materials will go out to the first 500 teachers who submit a request through http://www.artsonia.com. Digital versions of these materials will also be available for download on 10000rockets.com after 10/8/2009.”

The site is 10000rockets.com – you will need to install Silverlight(Win and Mac) or Moonlight(Linux) to view the site

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1 Response to 10,000 Rockets

  1. JOANNE FRY says:

    I don’t believe I’ve seen this said that way before. You really have made this so much clearer for me. Thank you!

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