Steampunk Rocketry



Steampunk. I’m a huge fan. This wonderful retro-futurist school of design is dominated by a brass gear and Victorian woodwork. Over the past few years the Steampunk movement has gained momentum and designs of computers, watches and clothing have dominated. The idea is to take modern technology and apply a bit of Victorian design for something that seems retro-futurist. I have for some time been thinking of some rocketry designs that could be viewed as Steampunk but it wasn’t until watching this Steampunk video that I saw the rocket design I wanted to duplicate.


A Steampunker over at Steam, Brass and Fzzz converted an Estes Hydrogen Rocket set into a working Steampunk rocket and launcher.

Check it out here ( info plus video of launch). Really cool!

Here are a few more Steampunk rocket designs:


Top of a Proton rocket unpainted looking Steampunk

The Orb

The Orb

Steampunk rocket

Steampunk rocket

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3 Responses to Steampunk Rocketry

  1. bramconcher says:

    “wonderful retro-futurist school of design” thats a lovely phrase. I would also point out that making art is what makes different then animals, so the importance of aesthetic is almost impossible to overstate. Our stylistic movements are the soul of humanity.

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