Air Force retires the Delta II rocket


After 20 years and over 50 launches the Air Force launched the final Delta II into the dawn sky on August 17th. The launch was flawless as the Delta II lofted a GPS satellite into orbit.

The Delta II launched many famous missions. The Mars Rovers and the Mars Phoenix Lander are among them. We also should mention that one of the more spectacular explosions at the cape was of a Delta II rocket.

More on the successful August 17th, 2009 launch here.

Build your on paper model of a Delta Rocket at Phillip Lansbergen’s site (click on models)
You can find many more paper models in my Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide


Nice diagram of Delta II - click to enlarge

Delta II Statistics:

Height 38.2 – 39 m (125.3 – 127 ft)
Diameter 2.44 m (8 ft)
Mass 151,700 – 231,870 kg
(334,300 – 511,180 lb)
Stages 2 or 3
Payload to
2,700 – 6,100 kg
(5,960 – 13,440 lb)
Payload to
900 – 2,170 kg
(1,980 – 4,790 lb)
Payload to
1,000 kg (2,200 lb)
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