NASA clamps down on use of Social Sites

One of my favorite uses of Twitter recently was reading the tweets during the launch of a Minotaur rocket from Wallops Island. Not only was it informative but it was useful for other sites like my blog so that I could point readers to the tweets and keep them up to date. We knew when the launch was postponed and why. We knew when the launch was put on hold that it was because of a craft off the coast that was under the flight path. It was a good use of Twitter.

Instantaneous info like that has probably ended. Read the following memo from NASA

“June 12, 2009

Reply to Attn of : DA-09-010

TO: All MOD Personnel

FROM: DA/Director, Mission Operations

SUBJECT: Policy on Use of Social Media

The following is MOD policy for use of “social media” (e.g. TwitterFacebook, etc.). This policy is consistent with JSC Announcement 08-032 and NASA Policy Directive (NPD) 2540.1F “Policy on Personal Use of Government Office Equipment Including Information Technology.”

“This policy applies to all MOD employees: NASA, NASA contractor, and subcontractor personnel who are authorized by contract to use Government office equipment.

NASA employees and contractors are permitted limited use of Government office equipment for personal needs if the use does not interfere with official business and involves only minimal additional expense to the Government. Personal use means uses other than for official Government business. Some personal use is considered inappropriate. Specific provisions regarding personal use and activities particularly considered inappropriate are identified in NPD 2540.1F*. More specifically, section e, paragraph 10, defines “Inappropriate Personal Uses” to include: “Use for posting Agency information to external newsgroups, bulletin boards, or other public forums without authority.”

To be compliant, MOD will enforce a policy of not permitting the posting to “social” sites of mission operations information that has not been released by the Public Affairs Office(PAO). This includes, but is not limited to, realtime information. PAO is responsible for posting such information.

Original Signed by:

Paul S. Hill “

NASAwatch on Twitter

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One Response to NASA clamps down on use of Social Sites

  1. Pillownaut says:

    LOL, takes longer to read that than the average daily Facebook check…

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