Air Force Spaceplane set to Launch in January 2010


X-37B to be launched January 2010

X-37B to be launched January 2010


for the latest on the X-37b click HERE

UPDATE: Launch occurred April 22nd at 7:52 pm EDT – video and more here

The X-37B OTV-1 (Orbital Test Vehicle 1) will be launching sometime in January of 2010. Reports are still sketchy but it looks like this may finally get off the ground.

The X-37 was seen back in 2006 being test dropped from Scaled Composites White Knight.


The X-37B will be launched  by a Atlas V EELV. The Boeing designed craft is capable of staying in orbit for up to 3 weeks.

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3 Responses to Air Force Spaceplane set to Launch in January 2010

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  2. lkng4D.pHl says:

    So the military gets theur f*ing space plane but We the People have to give up our manned space exploration vehicle (be it existing or planned)? Telling you people..There is something just not right here. And it pisses me off. I am not against the US military’s use of space based technologies or long distance voyages. WhatI am against is taking it away from the public. This is something so important to so many of us. It’s just wrong and good ol us , we just roll over and say yes master, what else would you please take from us. Worst of all is the military has ZERO moral oversight, something needed at all levels. This would also help reduce the cases of PTSD. Anyway congrats, but I’m pissed and you suck.

  3. lkng4D.pHl says:

    please excuse my atrocious typing above. I was rushing and I apologize.

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