Rocket planes: On the drawing boards of the Third Reich

In addition to all of the evil and destruction of the Third Reich stood many scientist and engineers who created many designs that were years ahead of their time. Whether or not those scientist and engineers supported the regime or if they were forced to produce is part of another discussion. The fact is some of the designs were absolutely brilliant. There are some great places on the web to reference these designs but one of the best for it’s information and great pictorial content is Luft ’46. You can spend hours there viewing the content and visual references.

A particular interest for rocketry modellers are some of the “rocket” plane designs. Of course there have been many modellers who have spent time with the V2 and it’s variants. I thought I would post a info on a few rocket plane designs that I feel could use the skill of a good rocketry modeller to create and fly a model of one or more of these. I plan to try at least one myself.

Feeling up to the challenge? Which would you build?

Both the Arado and the Diemler Benz are designed with powerful jet propulsion they would easily convert to rocket in a model.

A few concept rocket planes of the Third Reich (click to enlarge)

A few concept "rocket" planes of the Third Reich

References thanks to Luft ’46

von Braun Interceptor
Arado AR E.555-3
Daimler Benz Project “F”

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3 Responses to Rocket planes: On the drawing boards of the Third Reich

  1. R2K says:

    I did a research project on the advanced technology used by the Nazis in high school. That is to say, when I was in high school.

  2. Walt says:

    I did a high school thing too about the “Vengeance Weapons” technology. I don’t think however I necessarily made a point about how advanced the technology was. It was kind of assumed.

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