April 12th 1961

Gagaran in capsule

Gagaran in capsule

On this day 48 years ago, Yuri Gagaran became the first man in space. His spacecraft, Vostok 1, orbited the earth at an average altitude of 187 miles.

Launch: 12 April 1961 06:07 PM GMT.

Landing Date: 12 April 1961 07:55:00 PM GMT.

  • Mass: 4,725 kg (10,420 lb)
  • Perigee: 169 km (105 mi)
  • Apogee: 327 km (203 mi)
  • Inclination: 64.95°
  • Period: 89.34 minutes

Read more – WikipediaHistory Channel

Vostok 1 Launch

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One Response to April 12th 1961

  1. Pillownaut says:

    Awesome video! I very much admire Yuri as well. I got to see the Vostok capsule up close once, and it’s just stunning that they pulled that off nearly a half-century ago. It’s so… claustrophobia-inducing! But truly an amazing feat 🙂

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