Eric Truax is back!

Yes one of the best paper rocket designers is re-releasing his models. Many of you who have been with us for awhile know that Eric pulled his rockets from the web last year and took a hiatus from modeling. Well Eric is back and promised to release some new designs to go with the old. I will begin by re-releasing some of his previous designs that were only available here.

The Magpie (This was designed for NSL 2008 and is just a fun little rocket. It uses A10-PT motors and tumble recovery. A unique twist on saucer design)

small img magpies

small img magpies

Magpie – Blue – NSL 2008
Magpie – Black – NSL 2008
Instructions and Story


Evel Knevel’s SkyCycle      Page 1, Page 2

Regulus 2

There are many many more – Just check out The Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide for more

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