Do you have a great idea that you would like to send NASA’s way? Maybe you would just like to read about NASA culture from an insider. Try going over to Open NASA. A blog and more by NASA insiders.

“This is a collaborative blog written by NASA employees across the agency, and occasional invited guests. We come from a perspective within NASA of transparency, accessibility, risk, honesty, merit, and participation. We have insight into what is and could be happening inside the U.S. space program– but so do you, and it is something to be shared and discussed. Let’s create a space program which stimulates non-governmental activity, excitement and inspiration, and which guides humanity onto a sustainable path into the future. This is the voice of promise and opportunity. This is our voice.” – Open NASA


Check out this great slide show link from the site called Why the Moon?

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One Response to Open NASA

  1. Heather says:

    Awesome blog… and what a great slideshow link ref. I do lots of moon & mars stuff, I’m going to share this with my readers as well 🙂

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