Delta IV launches secret payload

Delta IV Heavy Launch

Delta IV Heavy Launch

I just love watching the mighty Delta IV Heavy launching. On Saturday there was a Delta IV launch which was carrying a top secret National Reconnaisance payload USA 202 (NROL-26)

“Secret launch NRO L-26 for the National Reconnaissance Office took
off on a Delta 4 Heavy from complex 37B at Cape Canaveral on Jan 18.
The payload was designated USA 202. Analysts suggest it was probably
placed in geostationary orbit and is a new large-diameter-antenna
signals intelligence satellite in the series whose earlier codenames
were RHYOLITE, AQUACADE, MAGNUM, and ORION.” -Jonathan’s Space Report

Watch the Launch

more info on flight here

more info on the Delta IV

more info on NROL-26

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One Response to Delta IV launches secret payload

  1. The Delta IV Heavy is the greatest show on earth. Or above earth! Awesome launch. The only thing better is the Saturn V

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