Jupiter Direct advocates meet with Obama team


Crew and EDS configurations

A group of supporters of the Jupiter Direct approach as a post-shuttle solution met with the Obama team to pitch their method. This definitely draws new battle lines between them and the Ares – Constellation teams. Read the full story here at Popular Mechanics.

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7 Responses to Jupiter Direct advocates meet with Obama team

  1. R2K says:

    Using one rocket for heavy lifting and for men is a big waste of money. That is why the ares plan is better. You dont have to man rate the heavy lifter. I understand maybe altering the heavy lift design to something like this, but the manned rocket needs to be smaller and will come sooner, as per the nasa plans. Further, second guessing a solid design is not a great idea once the ball is rolling.

  2. rocketry says:

    I really like the Ares -Constellation plan. New rockets for a new era. However I am a bit worried with the need to cut corners and save money. I’m surprised the Obama team met with the Jupiter advocates separately. It would imply that they are considering the plan as an alternative or at least indicating that they are very serious about finding the fastest cheapest route.

  3. R2K says:

    Feels like they are undermining a process that already has lots of money applied. Like at my job, I am worried that things can always get worse, you know? How upon seeing flaws, he might just be tempted to delay things or make more cuts.

  4. Jim Demello says:

    I worked for a company where better ideas were constantly shot down because of individual’s self-interests. And we paid for it.
    Here is my animated painting of the Jupiter rocket:


  5. Richard Jarnagin says:

    I say go with one that will accomplish all objectives for the least amount of money. Of course, you have to take into account the money already spent on Ares. I know the Ares heavy lifter may be more impressive to the general public, but hey, if they got bored with the Saturn V, it ain’t going to matter in the long run. So go with the one that will give the most bang for the buck over the expected life of the program.

  6. GDI says:

    If the goal is to land on the moon, a direct mission profile makes the most sense. Launching a separate human crew vehicle while the transfer stage and landing vehicle wait in Earth orbit is risky from a mission perspective. Just a few days delay in the human launch, and all your liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen in the lander boil off and you have an aborted billion dollar mission before the humans get off the ground. Direct makes the most sense. Human rate the Jupiter vehicle and lets go!

  7. chris f says:

    Well Ares 1-X is on the pad now, if it goes sideways will they give up on this soda straw idea?

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