Big Year for SpaceX

Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral is now the official launch complex site for SpaceX. This has been a big year for SpaceX. First putting a payload in orbit. Then the successful test firing of the Falcon 9 engines. The many parts that make up the Falcon 9 rocket will arrive at Cape Canaveral in a convoy of over a dozen big rigs.

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In addition to the move NASA has awarded SpaceX a 1.6 billion contract for the Falcon 9 to act as a cargo resupply service to the International Space Station.

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A very interesting fact about the Falcon 9 rocket:
The Falcon 9 will be the first vehicle since the Saturn V and Saturn 1 to have the ability to lose any engine and still be able to complete its mission without loss of crew or spacecraft.


UPDATE 12/31/08

See the Falcon 9 coming together at Cape Canaveral – Falcon 9 Latest pictures


Info and specs on the Falcon 9Falcon 9 Heavy

Test First Stage Firing of Falcon 9 engine

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