Is SpaceX aiming for Mars?

SpaceX Patch

SpaceX Patch

Elon Musk, the multimillionaire who made his fortunes with Paypal, was estatic after the successful launch and orbit of his Falcon 1 on September 28th.
“This is the culmination of six years of hard work by a very talented team. It is also a great relief for me, who led the overall design of the rocket (not a role I expected to have when starting the company).” said Musk.
Although Musk’s original reasons for creating SpaceX may hide his aspirations for it’s future. Musk originally had planned a Mars project that was to place a small greenhouse on Mars (the Mars Oasis Project). However when he started to price out a rocket launch his dreams were dashed by the high cost. Musk believed he could do things much cheaper which resulted in the birth of SpaceX.
There is an excelent article here on this.
Musk has his hands on many projects but SpaceX remains his favorite. This past week Musk took over as CEO of Tesla Motors, a manufacturer of electric and hybrid vehicles. Hopefully this will not take his attention off of SpaceX and the private space company will continue to dazzle us with it’s  success.

Video and story of the 4th launch of the Falcon 1

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One Response to Is SpaceX aiming for Mars?

  1. R2K says:

    Orbit is the hard part. The rest is more an incremental increase in rocketry. The challenge is really the logistics, communication, automation, and accuracy.

    But even a small rocket like the scout was able to launch a 100 or so lbs payload to the moon. And it could probably have sent 25 lbs to mars or so.

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