Chinese Launch Third Manned Mission

The Three Taikonauts

The Three Taikonauts

The Chinese have launched a third manned mission. The Shenzhou VII lifted up into the nightime sky at approximately 9:10am est(13:10GMT). The capsule contained 3 Chinese Taikonauts and the mission will include a space walk on Saturday. The Shenzhou consist of a modified Soyuz capsule that the chinese have made major modifications and updates. The Chinese Shenzhou program began in 1992.

“China’s official media have lovingly described countless details of the mission. The astronauts will have a choice of nearly 80 foods, including spicy “kung-pao” chicken cooked with a “new method,” nutritionist Chen Bin told Xinhua.

They will also take traditional Chinese medicine made of more than 10 herbs to treat space motion sickness, Xinhua reported.” -Reuters

UPDATE SATURDAY 9/27 – Chinese Taikonaut Zhai Zhigang made history today when he floated out of the Shenzhou VII spacecraft for his country’s first spacewalk.

UPDATE SUNDAY 9/28 – the 3 taikonauts made safe landing today on the Mongolian grasslands .

China National Space Administration

Shenzhou capsule paper model(scroll to bottom of page)

more Paper models

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1 Response to Chinese Launch Third Manned Mission

  1. R2K says:

    I wonder at the lack of news coverage. This is a major space mission, it will only be the third nation to do a space walk. Not so shabby!

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