SpaceX Falcon 1 on pad for 4th launch

Flight 4 of SpaceX's Falcon 1 performs a static engine test

Flight 4 of Falcon 1- Static Firing

SpaceX is wasting no time getting back into the air. The 4th Falcon 1 is sitting on the pad and ready to launch. This comes after the failure of the 3rd launch attempt on Aug 2nd.

“On August 2nd, Falcon 1 executed a picture perfect first stage flight, ultimately reaching an altitude of 217 km, but encountered a problem just after stage separation that prevented the second stage from reaching orbit.” -SpaceX

In the video of the flight the cause of the failure can easily be seen. The expended first stage after separation slams into the second. Residual gases in the first stage led to small thrust burst.

The updated Launch window is now set between Sept. 28th and Oct. 1st

Launch updates can be seen on the SpaceX site.

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