Iris Launch failure on the Discovery Channel

55 ft Iris hybrid launches

55 ft Iris hybrid launches

The UK Rocket Men are up to it again with their large hybrid rockets. You may remember them from the Robin Space Shuttle attempt on Top Gear. This time it’s a 55 foot hybrid rocket which happens to be the largest and heaviest rocket ever launched from the UK mainland.  The Discovery Channel’s new show Project Earth commissioned the rocket as part of a payload experiment. The launch has its problems as the hybrid motors begin to sputter and fail.

Watch the spectacular launch here

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One Response to Iris Launch failure on the Discovery Channel

  1. R2K says:

    Well great attempt, not sure why they didnt just use a tried and true Q motor…

    But I am all for trying new motor tech. It actually made a few great recovery thrusts at the end there!

    The crash of the rocket is an ironic model for how embarrassingly stupid most (if not all) of the project planet earth discovery (hipster green to be cool, but only if it is easy) ideas are. Sun shield? Covering glaciers? Hey, how about STOP WASTING ENERGY, STOP INCREASING THE POPULATION TO ABSURD NUMBERS, AND STOP BURNING FOSSIL FUELS?

    Also, global warming is at worst a 3rd concern when it comes to the Earth. The physical destruction of living habitats is the greatest risk, and pollution is the next. Tied for 3rd or 4th, with invasives, is global warming. Frankly I am worried that people (with limited science educations) are going to focus on global warming and forget about these other more serious concerns.

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